Home appliances designed in Swiss
Innovative technology
Patent heater
Hedgehog Heating element
The world's first hedgehog patented heating element, advanced integrated aluminum sheet forming technology, hedgehog distributed heat sink, and uniform sandblasting process, have 37% more air contact area than ordinary elements, and 99% more heat dissipation, room heating speed has increased by 20%, and the product is more safe and stable, and the integrated die-casting aluminum material greatly extends the service life.
Patented technology
Digital Inverter
Patent digital inverter technology, real-time monitoring of indoor temperature, set temperature and equipment temperature, automatic calculation of the best heating power and time to complete the heating constant temperature, avoid high-power start and stop equipment, realize more accurate temperature control, make indoor temperature more comfortable, reduce component loss and grid load, and reduce the power consumption of products by 30%.
Intelligent control
WIFI module & sensing module
The product is equipped with an accurate temperature control electronic control box, with a control accuracy of ± 0.1 ℃. Combined with WiFi module and energloux mobile app, it can realize remote control and be easily set and used anywhere. In addition, there is also a human body sensing module, which automatically senses the human body entering and leaving the room, realizing automatic start-up and shut-down, and providing 40% energy saving of the product.

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About us
Company establishment
Originally born in Luxembourg, it is a company that develops professional Thermoelectric equipment and generator sets
Rapid development
With excellent products and technology, he won the innovation award of Luxembourg chamber of Commerce and joined the French engine group. The engineer team is active in Switzerland, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Belgium and other regions, and has accumulated rich industry experience in electric energy.
Swiss R & D
The company has set up an independent R & D center in Basel, Switzerland, and led more than 40 senior product experts to participate in R & D, and entered the field of home appliances with a new image and products. New products include heaters, air purifiers, humidifiers and other climate control products.
Popular in many countries
It has established a cooperative relationship with ballu industrial group, one of the world's largest manufacturers of climate equipment, established multiple R & D and production bases around the world, realized global production and operation, expanded its business scope to all parts of the world, and won the favor and recognition of different customers for its products.
Settled in China
The company has set up a professional international team to come to China, with many years of accumulated professional technology and management experience, to provide Chinese customers with the most advanced and reliable products, and will continue to create more excellent products.
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